Lakeside Changes Tardy Process

More than 400 students, arrived to school tardy during the month of August, according to a count of the month’s tardy passes. Reasons followed as late buses, parking issues, illness, or if just running behind. All students, excused or unexcused, who arrive after 8:05 a.m. must check in through the front office. Main Office Secretary Jessica Nunn, perceived that in the morning, due to numerous students entering for late passes, complications arose. “It can become very congested and difficult to help students plus incoming visitors simultaneously," Nunn said. “I didn’t know we check in at the front office now, “ said Senior Vivian Tang. The change came as a result of the new administrative pr

Sights and Sounds of Lakeside Football

Production and editing by Mark Rotolo, Photography by Lakeside AV Tech, Interviews and contributed reporting by Arya Rao.

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