Administration Focuses on Dress Code Enforcement for New School Year

During the August class meetings, Lakeside administrators made it clear that this year they are going to enforce the first offense for breaking dress code listed in the Dekalb County School District’s 2018-2019 Code of Student Conduct which states that “Students will not dress inappropriately on school grounds or at school events.” “Students should come to school with appropriate attire to get them ready for life outside of school,” said science teacher Annette Parrot. The punishment for breaking dress code on the first offense results in “verbal reprimand, contact parent and In-School Suspension (ISS) until end of day or correction of the violation.” This punishment is the same punishm

Lakeside Football: New Year, New Team

Going back to school means homework, tests, and quizzes, but it also signals the start of something much more enjoyable, football season. While Lakeside’s team has struggled with competing in recent years, a new class of players and coaches look to help pull Lakeside out of its 22 year playoff drought and re-establish the winning culture of Lakeside’s past. Since his hiring, head coach Zach Edwards has made drastic changes to the way the team operates. They have installed a new offense, defense, and special team on top of the hiring of six additional assistant coaches. “We hire coaches to fit our players,” said Edwards, “everything we do is very detail oriented.” This year also marks the fi

Lakeside Cross Country Takes Off

Lakeside Cross Country started their last season coached by Richard Barbe with a bang. The team loaded up and headed to “Early Bid” at five A.M. to compete in a three-mile race at the start of their racing season in late August. Varsity boys and girls took fifth place on the two-lap course at their first invitational meet; this flat and speedy course helped both new and returning runners set personal records, which set the season off to a strong start. To the observer, cross country runners seem calm, cool, and collected as they dash through the woods, but in reality their lungs wheeze and their legs burn with every mile. Runners must overcome the mental struggle of running to gain strength

Avid Offers New College Readiness Course

This year 19 freshman are learning to overcome high school’s academic obstacles through AVID, a program new to Lakeside. AVID an acronym for Advancement Via Individual Determination, helps teachers inspire students to take control over their own learning and education. “We want this group of students to be trailblazers for their families but also for Lakeside and the AVID program,” said AVID teacher Lauren Levin. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What Goes on in the Socratic Seminar:Students gather in a Socratic seminar to disc

Looking through the Metal Detectors- What Metal Detectors would mean for Lakeside

Between 7:15 and 8:05 AM, over 2,000 Lakeside students stand outside the main entrance doors in lines wrapped around the building, waiting to enter school. Many around the Lakeside community imagine this fate for their mornings following the installment of metal detectors. Last March, the Dekalb County School Board approved the Pilot Program to place metal detectors at five high schools in the school district, including Lakeside High School. The school district introduced the pilot program to parents on August 20, after Principal Damian Bounds emailed them a survey asking them to express their “invaluable input”. However, the previous approval of

Two Freshmen Want You to Stop Using Straws

In the cafeteria during lunch you can find students eating out of plastic wrappers, drinking from disposable plastic water bottles, and eating their lunch packed plastic sandwich bags. Lakeside freshmen, sisters Leah and Sydney Shankman, recognized the negative impact of using large amount of plastic used in our community and decided to do something about it locally. “We were looking for an issue in the community for our [Girl Scout] silver award,” Sydney Shankman said. Soon the sisters started the campaign Don’t Be a Sucker in Tucker. “We’re inspired over the summer to start [our project] after we watched a video of a turtle have a straw pulled out of its nose.” The video “really moves y

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