Midterm Madness: Abrams vs. Kemp

Gubernatorial candidates Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp both had rallies held on their behalf less than a week before Election Day. After former President Barack Obama accepted to speak at the “Get Out The Vote” rally, hosted by the Georgia Democratic Party, sitting President Donald Trump announced he would host a campaign rally with a focus on endorsing Republican candidates Kemp and lieutenant governor candidate Geoff Duncan. Last Ditch Efforts The Georgia Democratic Party distributed free Get Out the Vote rally tickets on a first come first served basis on Halloween from 2 o’clock to 5 o’clock. The party’s distributed the tickets across their 11 campaign offices. Outside the Gwinnett office

Inaction and College Applications: Thanks, Procrastination

College, the next chapter looming over most high schoolers’ lives, poses a variety of problems for the chronic procrastinator. My time at Lakeside serves to help me get into a decent college, and yet I haven’t applied, sought out teacher recommendations, nor improved my SAT score, making me late. I assume my tardiness vexes admissions offices. In my defense, other factors besides my laziness and procrastination contribute to my inaction. The prospect of college can excite and terrify, and that prospect terrifies me to the point of immobilization. Other seniors at Lakeside face similar circumstances, at least I hope. I put off applying because it seemed distant, yet the time to apply is earli

What I Learned From the College Admissions Process

As soon as students enter the doors of high school, teachers, counselors, and parents fill their heads with right and wrong ideas about what it takes to get into college. Any one person may tell you that you need a specific test score to get into the college of your choice, but another may emphasize getting involved in activities more. As I have navigated through the college application process, I have found that no clear-cut method to success exists, but you can take actions to try to make it as easy as possible. With around 9437 colleges in the United States alone, choosing the right school creates challenges. All schools will provide unique opportunities, but, by touring colleges and talk

Around the World in 180 Plates

From focaccia bread from Italy to coffee beans from over 20 countries, The Dekalb International Farmers Market has it all. The market that launched in 1977 as a small produce stand in Decatur, now has over 140,000 square feet. The market represents over 180 countries around the world. “It's like taking a bite from the globe, you can find any foods from any place in the world,” said Sophomore Adjoa Baah, whose parents go to the market weekly to get bread and other foods shipped from The Congo. “Staying rooted to our culture is very important, and this market helps us do just that: by providing foods from our countries,” said market staff member Pierre Kombactu, who moved to the united states

Governor's Race at Lakeside

On November 6, voters will decide whether Brian Kemp (R) or Stacey Abrams (D) will take over the position of governor.. On September 30, Real Clear Politics polls showed that Kemp and Abrams each received 45 percent of the vote, Ted Metz (L) received two percent of the vote, while the rest of voters are undecided. On October 10, the same polls were updated, and they showed Kemp getting 47.7 percent, Abrams getting 45.7 percent, Metz getting two percent, and three percent undecided. On the other hand, out of 103 Lakeside students polled, 40.8 percent supported Abrams, 1.9 percent supported Kemp, 30.1 percent didn’t know who was running, 22.3 percent were undecided, and 4.9 percent supported o


Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb 18) Michael Myers from Halloween Temperamental, stoic, hates broken promises? Michael Myers is most definitely an Aquarius. The whole reason he starts killing in the first place is because he feels his older sister has betrayed his family by spending time with her boyfriend. Then, stuck in a mental institution, his loneliness drives him further into insanity. If an Aquarius were to snap, this would be how. Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20) Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street Not gonna lie, the similarities between a Pisces and Freddy Krueger are so accurate they kinda freak me out. A need to escape reality, a passion with which they make their art. This could be the

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