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If you're interested in joining the award-winning Lakeside Legend newspaper staff and producing your own articles and videos to publish, please sign up for an interview in one of the lunches below. Please sign up for the earliest slots available. Come by room 1602 for more information! Managing Editor Ryan Wilson and Editor-In-Chief Julienne de Vastey in their rendition of American Gothic.

New Program to Bring Foreign Exchange to Lakesid

German teacher Dr. Yesim Ozbarlas plans to implement a German foreign exchange program at Lakeside starting in the summer of 2020, using the Goethe Institute’s German American Partnership Program (GAPP) to help create and sponsor Lakeside’s study abroad experience. The students who will have the chance to study in Germany with Ozbarlas won’t need any prior experience in speaking German. “I was very open [to allowing non-German speaking students] just because it’s not all that common for Americans to go abroad, while it’s much more common for Germans and most other Europeans,” said Ozbarlas. The trip will last for two weeks and costs $2,550 per student. The payment will include the cost of th

Murder, Crime, And All That Jazz: Lakeside Theater Company Closes Out Another Stellar Production

Photos courtesy of: Ruthie Hoover As the most ambitious musical Lakeside Drama Department has put on stage, Chicago displays expert choreography, professional-grade singing, and a whole lot of jazz! The show centers on Roxie Hart (junior Hanna Baniassad) and Velma Kelly (senior Bella Reynolds), both of whom wind up in jail due to the murder of their lovers. All of the action goes down during the roaring twenties, a time of breaking Prohibition, mass consumerism, and flirty flappers. The show opens with a fantastic and sultry welcome from the one and only Luis Vijil, the Master of Ceremonies. “Ladies and gentleman, you’re about to see a story of murder, greed, corruption, violence, adultery,

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