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  • Nicholas Turk, Staff Writer

Comparing College Covid-19 Policies: UGA vs. Duke

With the fall semester being impacted by COVID-19, Lakeside students aren't the only ones adjusting to new policies. Universities across the country have been going back to school as well: some virtually, and some in person. Shown below is a comparison of the plans of action for two universities that chose to go back to school in person: the University of Georgia and Duke University. Duke has upwards of 15,000 students, and UGA has over double that. Both schools also have at least 8,000 employees on campus. The universities have a large gap in the budget, however, with Duke having a 2019 annual budget of 2.8 billion dollars, while UGA had a 2019 annual budget of 1.69 billion dollars. These two colleges have a large gap in another statistic: COVID-19 cases. UGA has reported a total of 3,888 cases, near 8% of their total number of students and employees, while Duke has reported 121 cases, near 0.5% of their total population. Below are word bubbles analyzing the frequency of certain words in the COVID-19 response policies of each school.

The University of Georgia

Duke University

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