Addressing the Dress Code

We all know that there are hundreds of dress code stories out there, so me writing this one wouldn't make a difference. However, the reason there are hundreds of dress code stories is that there are hundreds of people that believe that dress code is just over enforced, but as a student at lakeside I didn't really see this. I've never been dress coded, so I wasn't scared to wake up every morning and put on what I felt comfortable in. I researched what exactly the problems were with dress code, i found out that if you are a female you are more likely to get dress code and a lot of the girls saw this as sexism, “you're not gonna see a guy getting stopped by a teacher in front of everyone and being told that his shorts are too short, or his shoulders are too exposed, even though he is clearly out of dress code” ( Ritchie Bernardin 11). I was told this multiple times, each time I would ask someone about what they thought about the dress code, they would always come back with the same, “guys never get in trouble”. of course me as a guy didn't believe this, so I decided to take it into my own hands.

Two days two out of dress code outfits, on Wednesday, August 23 I woke up and chose one of my shortest shorts to go with my sleeveless shirt. both were violating the school's dress code according to the code of conduct book we got at the beginning of the school year. I walked in school and I was terrified the first person I saw standing in front of me was Ms.Bell, surprisingly enough I just walked and nothing happened. for four periods straight I walked like nothing was happening and went as if it was a normal day in the life of Luis. I tried taking it a little further, I would walk in front of a teacher purposely and see if they would say anything. surprisingly again no one said anything. I walked up to a teacher and asked them why they didn't stop me if I was clearly out of dress code, “I noticed but I didn't stop you cause I thought you had gym, and I didn't remember the boys dress code” said the teacher, I was really astonished to hear them say this, because according to DeKalb county the school is supposed to follow the school's dress code and there is no boys or girls dress code, it's just a dress code, so whatever applies to girl should apply to a guy. after I asked about my shirt they told me “if you were wearing a bra and it was showing it would be a different story”. I finished off the day with the same outfit.

Battle of the Rippest: It wasn't a competition but if it were i'd win, i made it to 4th period without anyone telling me anything about my over exaggerated ripped jeans, while Asia Anderson of the 11th grade made it to the start of 2nd period and received a dress code warning right away

Photos by Asia Anderson and Luis Vijil, left to right

Day two I wore the “infamous” ripped jeans, I started out the same way I did day one, I made through four periods without anyone saying anything. Clearly, my jeans were way too flashy and had holes over the knee, so why haven't I've gotten in trouble? I decided to survey students in the lunchroom, I asked them if they thought they would get in trouble if they're wearing what I was wearing, of course, most of them said yes and the few that said no we're guys. it's hard to define this as sexism, we also have to be aware of our surroundings, for example, there are over 2,400 students and about 110 teachers at lakeside. not every teacher is gonna notice you, but some will, that's why most of the teachers in which I walked passed didn't notice, the school itself is already so full so many things going on at once. Another reason a teacher wouldn't get you in trouble is their generation, older generations tend to be more conservative while younger generations tend to connect with students in a way where they understand us. That's why what younger teachers may think is not against dress code policy older teachers may think is. So is the dress code sexist ?

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