Coaches Corner

Coach Cam Football Head Coach [2nd year coach]

Q: How did you and the coaches prepare the team for the season? A: “We worked out the entire year. We only took off during November, December, and the week of Fourth of July. We work out 4 days a week even during the summer starting around 6 am. During the season we lift Monday through Wednesday, Thursday we do a morning walk through, Thursday afternoon we do yoga, and Friday Players are allowed to sleep in and go to FCA.”

Lakeside Strong: The team stands together after their loss against Dunwoody, holding up their helmets during the alma mater

Photo by Joyce Johnson

Q: How do you and the coaches work together to carry on the vision of the program? A:” At the end of the day everything comes through me since I am the head coach. I tell my assistant coaches that they are the “head” coach for their position. But at the end of the day player discipline and program decision it comes through me.” Q: How do you motivate the team? A: “I tell them not to be too high on the highs and not to low on the lows. I want them to know that I care about them at the end of the day. After every practice and game I tell them that I love them and care about them and if they ever need anything that I am there for them. For example I might have to give a player a ride home and I would buy them lunch I take this time to get to know them on a personal level and invest I their lives academically, socially, and spiritually.”

Coach Van Pelt JV Softball Head Coach [ 1st year coach]

Q: How does the team prepare for a game? A: “We practice every day and work on things such as swings and catches. Specifically do batting cages to work on our swings and practice running with people on the bases.” Q: How does the team prepare for a game against a hard team?

A: “We will work on their weakness so that means we would work on catches or running, in order to be prepared. We know typically if they are a hard team from previous games.” Q: How do you motivate the team? A: “I tell them to work together and have fun. I tell them there is always room for improvement, as long as they go out and play their hardest I am okay.”

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