Rules of the Road (or else in the student parking lot at 3:15)

  1. Remember that you are the #1 priority; feel free to cut anyone off and use your inherent superiority as an excuse for doing so

  2. Treat pedestrians the same you would speedbumps: briefly decelerate and hope they don’t hurt your car

  3. See that curb? It’s actually a challenge; drive straight over it to cut to the front of the line

  4. Keep the nose of your car roughly 2-5 inches behind the car in front of you, the closer the better

  5. The gold lines in the parking lot and daily announcements don’t mean anything; the Marching Band loves it when you abandon your car there

But in all seriousness, please leave the parking lot in one piece and remember that a little common courtesy goes a long way.

Photo by Jake Tubesing

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