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The beginning of autumn marks the wrap up of the fall sport season. Cross country, volleyball, and football pack up their equipment while winter sports like lacrosse begin conditioning for their incoming seasons.


Though volleyball had a slow start of the season (according to coach Angela Thompson), they’ve improved a lot.

Ready to Compete: Varsity players [left] Senior Gabrielle Morse, Senior Tyja Traore, Sophomore Ruby Reich, and Junior Gabrielle Goslin [back] laugh with each other before the match begins. “One person I know has improved a lot is Tyja. She plays middle. She’s really hitting the ball well,” said coach Thompson before praising her defensive players. “In all, as a coach, you want to see your team progress. We’re peaking right now.”

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The team attributes some of their success to their trainer, Darrow Singo Johnson, who trains varsity, JV, and ninth-grade teams. He also coaches club volleyball, played by around 70 percent of the girls. Club volleyball allows them to practice in between seasons and sharpen their skills. “We’ve been playing some pretty hard teams, so even though we lose, I think we still play pretty well,” said junior Sairah Hyman. Volleyball has won half of their matches earning them third place in the region. After a defeat from the second place team in the region, the season hinged on a win against Parkview on October the 11th. They lost the match, cutting their season short.

Cross Country

Waving Home to Victory: Fellow teammates wave the Lakeside Viking flag to cheer on Sophomore Lena Ayoub (left) and Freshman Natalie Hanson, during the Girls’ JV Championship Race at Druid Hills Middle School.“The last two years I’ve done it it’s been more like a family. I think it’s from so many new people coming in and they have to get used to all of us interacting.” said Sophomore Fiona Foerst.

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Nearing the end of the season for most runners, Lakeside cross country won the girl’s JV championships on September 28th and runner-up in the boy’s JV championships on October 3rd.

Summer training and the track season, as well as new training tech like Milestone Pods (personal timing devices allowing runners to monitor training), have attributed to Lakeside’s defeat of the longtime Dunwoody champs.

Training has also changed in the past years. As one of Lakeside’s “no-cut” sports, cross country has an open team for runners not on varsity or JV. Despite being divided into levels, all runners train the same trails and run the same races so everyone one can bond with each other regardless of speed.

This weekend cross country faced their last meet all together for the season where varsity will try to follow a 52-year tradition of qualifying for state on the 21st.


Preparation Begins: The Lakeside Football team warms-up before a game against Norcross at Adams Stadium before Saturday’s homecoming. With two games remaining after the loss against Norcross, the season winds down, with one win so far this season. “Even though [the] record doesn’t indicate it, I think we’ve grown and we’re running the team better than years previously,” said Coach Cam Jones.

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Injury plagued the team throughout the season, forcing many players to play both defense and offense. “It’s cost us, I think, a couple of games,” said Coach Cam. However, he praised senior Miles Miccichi for his leadership as two-way linebacker and guard. “He’s done everything we’ve asked. Helped us on both sides of the ball. Without him, we’d be struggling even more.” He also gave a shout-out to senior Damon Davis for his big game against Parkview after missing most of the season due to injury.

Players and coaches put in a lot of effort on the field. Each day starts with study hall and over two hours of practice. Junior and senior varsity players practice defense practices while coaches work with freshmen and sophomores for the first half of practice, and then they switch off. “I do my homework right after practice and before. We have study hall together every day,” said sophomore Brandon Kallman, when asked how he manages his work with such a time-consuming sport.

“It’s more competitive,” said Kallman, referring to the players, when asked the biggest change from freshman year. Senior Jason Sanford cites Tie Tuesday, morning workouts, and longer practices as major changes in the team since he started four years ago. “Being with my teammates and spending time together because I know after high school I won’t see a lot of them,” said Sanford.

The team continues to work hard with two games remaining this season.

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