Diving Into the Season

Lakeside Swim & Dive

team kicked off the 2017-2018 season ranked third in the county based off of last years finishing results, following Chamblee first and Dunwoody second. Swimmers await before the starter blocks, shaking out last minute jitters as adrenaline kicks in and they line up for the start. A thick coat of humidity blankets the pool area, and as the gun goes off, the raucous cheering commences. At the team’s first meet, they won with a girls’ score of 163 to Druid Hill’s 115 and Arabia’s 13, and a boys’ score of 151 to Druid Hill’s 88 and Arabia’s 27, earning themselves a good start to the season

It’s Everyday Bro

The Lakeside Swim and Dive team holds practices everyday after school, and swimmers must attend a majority of them. “We have to go to four [Lakeside] practices a week,” said Varsity swimmer junior Yoshie Daniel.

Photo by: Sophia Cherribi

Passionate captains and coaches work together to lead Lakeside Swim and Dive to victory. Coaches elect ten senior captains each year. These captains guide team members using their years of experience spent on the team and leadership skills. “I think we’re going to do really well, hopefully place third at the out of state meet, and just have a lot of fun this year,” said senior Captain Matthew Holt who has high expectations for the team this year based off of the team's current meet results and the dedication shown through practice attendance. “I'm optimistic because of the energy and spirit of the captains and coaches. We have a great group [of people swimming with us] and are going to excel!” said senior Captain Stahr Stembel. Team members share a positive outlook from help received through team leaders.

Daily Danielson

Caption: All swimmers warm up with a 200m swim, kick, and pull everyday. Coach Danielson then assigns various workouts such as repetitions of the 1 by 500 freestyle, 5 by 100 freestyle, and 10 by 50 freestyle. Followed by a 100m cool down, Danielson assists Coach Newmeyer in ensuring the team gets in a quality workout during each practice.

Photo by: Sophia Cherribi

Coach Tricia Newmeyer is the head coach of Swim & Dive, and has known her swimmers for years. “She’s done summer swimming, she’s known some of these kids since they were six years old,” said Assistant Swim Coach Scott Danielson. The staff and team show high praise for Newmeyer, who has lead Lakeside to state year after year. One swimmer especially loves the coaching style at practices.“The coaches give us the set at the beginning and we can go at our own pace. So we can either push ourselves really hard or not worry if we're the slow ones!” said Varsity swimmer junior Kathleen Hoover. Coach Bill Smith, one revered by many, trains the dive team. “Coach Bill is super encouraging and a great teacher. He helps every diver to reach their goals and push [past] their comfort zone,” said Varsity diver sophomore Erin Allen.

Lakeside Swim & Dive has an abundance of first year swimmers and freshmen each year. Students seek interest in the competitiveness of the sport and find joy in the social aspect of the team. “The meets are fun and the people are great. It’s like a family,” said senior Mela Xides who joined the team this year and loves it. It doesn't take long for these students to realize the benefits of the sport. “[Swimming] is the only sport that can save a life,” said freshman Thomas Maki on his reasons for joining the swim team. The team also bonds outside of swimming for their longheld tradition. Prior to a meet, the team gathers Thursday morning at a team member’s house from 6:30 to 7:30am for a big breakfast. It's time well-spent preparing for the day's events and enjoying the company of teammates in a homely environment.

Team members set goals to break a multitude of both individual and relay records. Members of one relay team set their sights on breaking the school record of 1:28:04 in the 200. “Last year we came within .5 seconds of the 200 free seventeen-year record. This year we plan on beating that record,” said Varsity sophomore Jack Hobbs. Another swimmer on the same relay team as Hobbs thinks that the determination and dedication ingrained in the team will set them apart from the rest. “If we keep the same mentality that we had last year, more than one record will fall,” said Varsity senior Lucas Winter.

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