"Wake of the Flood" - Grateful Dead 1973 and "Faye Webster" - Faye Webster 2017

Wake of the Flood - Grateful Dead 1973

With a seemingly endless discography of around 140 albums, The Grateful Dead has many classic albums to choose from, but I believe "Wake of the Flood" is one of the best among many. Consisting of their usual Folk, Bluegrass sound that they are known for, "Wake of the Flood’s" production allows for the album to sound more consistent. Opening with "Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo," the album starts off on an upbeat sound with an almost jam blues sound, the songs then change to tracks such as "Stella Blue," which has a beautiful slow sound. With a wild mix of studio recordings and live versions of almost any Grateful Dead song, "Wake of the Flood" stays as a whole, a perfect mix of tracks that someone new to the band can start off with, and is a personal favorite of mine.

Faye Webster - Faye Webster 2017

Local Atlanta artist Faye Webster recently released her debut self-titled album this year. Signed to Awful Records, a collective started by rapper Father and consisting of members such as Danger Incorporated, Ethereal, and former member Playboi Carti, Webster is unique amongst the crowd of artists. In a record label dominated by pure Rap/Trap Webster brings a new surprise to the table, making Alternative Folk music. Her album consists of many upbeat tracks such as "I Know You", and slower songs that sound almost like old country music such as "Its Not a Sad Thing," all mixed together with her beautiful voice and a twangy guitar.

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