Lakeside Survey Results for Dekalb Snowpocalypse Makeup Days

The following results came from an anonymous survey administered to teachers at Lakeside High School by the Lakeside Legend Staff. 62 responses from individual teachers were recorded.

The option to makeup days online, using virtual classrooms or platforms like Verge or Edmodo trumped all other options.

Here are some responses to the question: "What can you say about the additional twenty minutes used last semester to makeup the hurricane days?"

  • "Adding time to lunch resulted in no actual recovery of missed instruction. Absurd!"

  • "The additional minutes simply made for a longer lunch, and did not allow for any extra instruction throughout the school day. It only served to make everyone more tired by the end of the day."

  • "There was potential for that time to be useful. I don't think it was used by most students for its intended purpose."

  • "I was glad to get a true 30 minute lunch, but the additional time did nothing to recoup instruction."

  • "Given the information that was available, it was the only logical solution that would preserve a regular schedule similar to the one we already had. As this was a firm desire of the administration, there was no logical alternative."

  • "I prefer this method for make up days over giving up my time off. An extra few minutes a day is no big deal. We are contracted to work until 3:45 anyway."

And in response to the question: "How would you like a digital makeup day to be organized?"

  • "No idea how we would do this if we haven't made Chromebooks compulsory."

  • "Each teacher assigns a class periods worth of work on a scheduled day. Teachers could have a TED talk or something to watch and discussion questions to accompany."

  • "Teachers assign short assignments via their dashboard or other digital means (ie., Edmodo) which last no more than 20-25 minutes that students are to complete and turn in digitally by a certain time."

  • "A guideline, policy needs to established across the county as far as content, expectations, and how it will be administered and graded so that there is consistency across the county."

  • "Our website is not yet functional enough in my opinion for us to use it for digital learning days. If it were, I would say, teachers upload an assignment and students turn it in when they return. Nothing that has to be printed out."

  • "Nah"

  • "I have NO idea, but is this fair? Does every student in the building have internet access? Does every student have the ability or desire to work independently? Is this a fair and equitable option? What happens to our MOWR (Move On When Ready) students what will they make up?"

  • "Assignments sent to the administration with the platform, criteria, and details available. Gwinnett county already does this on a regular basis, so using their framework would make sense."

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