Just Tryna Spread the Love: Legend Interviews Local Student Band

“What is Love?” local Atlanta group Spread the Love is searching for the answer. The group consists of Julia Poeschel, former Lakeside student Boubacar Sowe, and current move on when ready Lakesider Evan Dangerfield. They recently released their debut album, The Love EP on SoundCloud, and will soon release it on other platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify.

The albums consists of mainly rap and hip hop sounds, blended together by mesmerizing vocals and beautiful psychedelic beats and music. Speaking on different issues from the political state in the US, to mental health issues, to your first love, Spread the Love speaks to a large audience. With the main message of spreading love, STL uses positivity to reach out to all different types of people.

You recently released your debut EP, how long was the process of creating this?

Sowe: It’s been about a year mixing and recording. We recently played at TofuFest on the 19th, but we actually released the album on the original day of TofuFest (December 19th) before it was snowed out.

What is your process of recording? How does it work in the studio?

Dangerfield: Typically with all the tracks, I would start making a beat, and then Boubacar would come over and we would finish it together, tailoring it to the sound that we both wanted. After we had the beat done, we would just sit down together and write our verses, one track at a time.

The third member of STL (Julia), couldn’t be here today, but could you give a little summary of her role in the group and what she adds?

Sowe: Julia couldn’t be here today because she lives in Maryland, but she came down and stayed with us for a couple months last year before we debut the album. STL was originally just me and Evan, but she ended up recording extra vocals to almost all our tracks. Her voice really brought us to the point that we felt we could actually finalize the album, that this was the sound we actually wanted.

So you weren’t originally intending on having Julia in the group? How do you feel her additions contribute to the final product?

Dangerfield: I feel like with Julia, its more than a sound, but she brings a different energy with her vocals and lyrics that we hadn’t had.

Sowe: More organic.

On the Love EP, you discuss many different topics, with issues reaching out to all types of people, I think especially teenagers. What would you say is your main message?

Dangerfield: I think our message is in the name, in the mottos, just to spread the love. I think it’s about having fun, spreading love.

The Love EP is majority hip-hop, but there are also many other genres throughout the album. How do you feel about genres in music today, and do you feel that they over classify albums to the point where people don’t listen to things based on their preconceptions of what genres are?

Dangerfield: Definitely. I feel like people these days use genres less as a descriptor, and more of a stereotype. I think regardless of the “genre”, there can be the same beautiful message from all types of music. So with the Love EP, we weren’t intending to box it into JUST hip hop, it just turned out that way based on what we were comfortable with.

In the future do you intended to branch out into different genres, and exploring new sounds?

Dangerfield: Oh yeah, I want to make an album of just Boubacar’s beautiful voice. But seriously, all types of stuff. I think one great thing is that all three of us make different types of music so when we come together it creates a very unique sound.

And you produce all the music?

Dangerfield: Yeah and so all my solo stuff sounds like a different genre from Boubacar’s solo stuff and Julia’s solo stuff, so in the future we could make something completely different.

On the topic off the genres, what are some of your biggest musical influences and inspirations?

Dangerfield: Boubacar and Julia

Sowe: Evan and Julia. But definitely Outkast being from Atlanta.

Dangerfield: Also Mick Jenkins, Tupac, and production wise the Alchemist.

Sowe: I also love Kendrick Lamar, and besides hip hop, I really enjoy 80s music and alternative. I play guitar on the side and that’s actually how I met Evan.

And you guys met at Lakeside right?

Dangerfield: Yes indeed

Finally, what is love?

Sowe: I feel like, there’s no direct answer, but everyone has their typical idea of what love is. To me, it’s what makes you happy everyday, what makes you actually want to be you.

Dangerfield: I think love is what defines you, and like we tried to show in the album is that love can be found in anything, anger, sadness, pain, and everyone emotion. It’s more of a mentality than an emotion, and it’s very important in modern times.

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