Sights on Soccer Season

A Muddy Mess

“It’s good that we’re not practicing here, cause that field is really bad.” said senior and four year player for the Vikings Caroline Bowers, when asked about practicing at a new field.

Photo by Sara Carr

Loading Up

A Dekalb County school bus picked up players from Lakeside to take them to tryouts at Henderson Middle School.

Photo by Sara Carr

Run, Forrest, Run!

Soccer players can run up to 9 miles in a game, so an important part of tryouts is the 2 mile run.

Photo by Sara Carr

Everybody’s Hustling

Coach Tim Newmeyer watches eighth grade and Freshman boys scrimmage while the Varsity girls run on the track behind them. All four teams tryout together so that the coaches can get a good idea about which team to place them.

Photo by Sara Carr

Am I A Keeper?

Junior Varsity boys do some drills at their first year of tryouts for Lakeside soccer. Coach Richmond watches the JV games to keep an eye out for possible additions to the Varsity team.

Photo by Sara Carr

Watch and Learn

The Henderson soccer coach shows the JV girls a new drill that they will do.

Photo by Sara Carr

And They’re Off!

For Henderson players, making a good impression at tryouts is very important. Usually less than 10 eighth graders make into the program each year.

Photo by Sara Carr

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

For players who have been dedicated members of the Varsity team for several years, tryouts serve as extra practice before the season starts. They drill separately from the rest of the group, and work on harder skills.

Photo by Sara Carr

Not Messi-ing Around

The Varsity boys scrimmage while the Varsity girls get water after running the stairs.

Photo by Sara Carr

Leadership in Action

Varsity player Ariel Mendoza takes a beak from scrimmaging, while fellow senior Julia Moreman reminds the younger players to stretch after they finish running. Mendoza and Moreman have both been on the team for four years, and provide an example for new members. Photo by Sara Carr

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