Inside Lakeside’s Short Film Club

According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, about 320 films and television shows have been shot in Georgia. At Lakeside, Short Film Club teaches students how to film and create movies and teaches about the industry.

In the past 2017-2018 school year, when the program gained significantly more people interested in getting involved. Sponsored by AV tech teacher Christopher White, the club was started and now run by students, the club gets its equipment and resources from the newly improved AV Tech Department, where students have access to various kinds of cameras, lights, editing software and so much more. At the beginning of the year, short film club began the year filming two short films (“Right From Wrong” and “Rewind”). “We wanted to pursue our passion while at the same time, getting people from Lakeside involved and promoting the AV Tech Department,” said senior Paul Danner, writer and director of “Right From Wrong”.


Not only do Lakeside students work on the films, but outside talent such as actors and camera/ lighting specialists are able to come and participate on the set.

Photo Courtesy of Lakeside Short Film Club

“In all, it took us around a month to finally finish writing the script,” said Danner and Co-writer senior Grayson Stuart (co writer of Right from Wrong). The filming process begins once the script is finished. “We plan when and where we want to shoot and contact all the actors and see if any other members are able to come out and help. After that we get permission from the location and set up for the scene we need to shoot. For one scene, we shot in the Forsyth County Courthouse and at the Doraville Police Station to make the movie feel more authentic,” said Danner. “For “Rewind” we want to film a lot around the Lakeside and Tucker area. We’ve also shot some scenes at Chamblee High,” said senior Aida Amores, one of the producers of “Rewind.”

A Helping Hand:

“When on the set, I try to teach other young and learning actors how to express more emotion better into their lines.” said Lisa Bridges, acting coach and actress in “Right from Wrong."

Photo by Alex Kalman

“While being an actor on set, I’d say I’ve learned a lot about acting in general and I’ve become more experienced in helping with camera and lighting setup,” said “Rewind” actor sophomore Willow Thomas. “Working on ‘Right from Wrong’ has definitely been one of the bigger projects I’ve worked on, and I feel like I’m always getting more out of it every shoot I go to,” said camera operator junior Zack Wamsley.

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