Lakeside Legends: Where Are They Now?

Remarkably, the Legend has just gained access to state of the art predictive technology that can only be described well as fortune telling. We were able to take a look at the year 2038, twenty years in the future, and catch up with some of the newspaper staff members. Let’s see what the Legends of Lakeside are up to now!


In 2018, Hope is just your average high school junior obsessed with vintage style and slam poetry.

In 2038, she is a successful journalist because “newspaper is my life.” Hope stopped wearing clothes from the 50s when it became popular again. She now rocks the vintage look with skinny jeans, uggs, and Vineyard Vines shirts.

Hope is now suing me for defamation.


In 2018, Marc is just trying to survive senior year by surrounding himself with memes, music, and rocking the college professor look every day.

By 2038, Marc is a musician who lives out of his car because he refuses to give any money to the government. He remains one of only five living people who actually understand shoegaze.


In 2018, Sophia is is an energetic, passionate high schooler who loves hanging out with her friends, laughing loudly, and is the newspaper staff member most likely to go up to a stranger for an interview.

In 2038, Sophia is a successful documentary narrator, a job she chose because it allows her to talk all day. She still hasn’t relaxed since high school.


In 2018, Leila is somehow still surviving high school despite only taking senior classes as a junior.

In 2038, Leila is still an overachiever, running the Decatur Book Festival every year, as well as working as an editor. She hasn’t stopped dressing exclusively in high waisted pants.


In 2018, Sara has fallen deep into senioritis, and now spends all her time thinking about drama and procrastinating.

In 2038, Sara is desperate to hold on to her glory days of failure a love story, so she lives in Chicago and makes clocks. Dreams of working in a museum gone, no one has heard from her since she started her own clock shop.


In 2018, Luis is a devoted drama student who sings and dances wherever he goes. He calls everyone “bum” and only writes newspaper articles about himself.

In 2038, Luis is a successful male model who recently came out with his own line of Mr. Tolle approved ripped jeans. His fame has only increased since his high school theatre days.


In 2018, despite being the butt of the majority of jokes within the newspaper staff, Emma remains happy and friendly, eating fairy bread, and roasting people in return.

In 2038, Emma always wanted to move to Australia, but she got confused, and she now lives in the back of the Outback Steakhouse on LaVista and lives off of Bloomin’ Onions.


In 2018, Spencer’s many passions include running, running tech for drama, and trying to act authoritative in the newspaper room.

In 2038, surprisingly, Spencer’s stage debut in Bring It On sparked a love for theatre. His most recent part was as Simon’s understudy in the new musical, Alvin and the Chipmunks.


In 2018, spends her time in newspaper working online shopping. But also writing stories.

In 2038, Lucy recently became a spokesperson for adidas, and she makes the majority of her money off of her YouTube channel, where she makes daily vlogs and makeup tutorials.


In 2018, Joyce is just a really nice person.

In 2038, Joyce teaches history to fourth graders and teaches them to love each other so they don’t grow up to be horrible people like the ones she worked with on the Lakeside Legend :)


In 2018, Jesan copes with newspaper work by listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers, sleeping, and changing every story into a photo essay.

In 2038, using the hard work he did in newspaper, he now works as a Tempur-pedic mattress tester.


In 2018, Julie is never without a book under her arm, and is constantly frustrated by the fact that she will never be Lakeside’s favorite DeVastey.

In 2038, Julie is a rich lawyer and has risen to be the supreme DeVastey.


In 2018, Hannah is a talented high school singer, reporter, embroidererererer and all around ingenue.

In 2038, after starring in a reboot of The Sound of Music (off-off-off-OFF Broadway), Hannah is now living in the basement of the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, after a horrible accident that scarred half of her face.


In 2018, Jake has stepped into a leadership position in the newspaper his first year because of his technological abilities, and his close friendship with Spencer and Mrs. Anderson.

In 2038, Jake’s official career is an engineer who runs on the side, but everyone knows his real job is a pretentious coffee drinker.


In 2018, after being published in the New York Times, Celeste will soon give up her grades entirely because she’s already offered jobs by six newspapers.

In 2038, though she still claims to “hate drama”, she is now director of the Lakeside Theatre Co., directing Hamilton for her first season.


In 2018, Ryan is one of the most devoted newspaper writers, as she chooses stories that are actually important, not just covering the club that her friend is in charge of.

In 2038, Ryan is enjoying her new role as the real-life Olivia Pope. After studying PR-speech in depth, she is now an expert, and occasionally teaches lectures on the subject at Harvard.


In 2018, Alex works with AV and teaches others in newspaper what a camera is.

In 2038, Alex has left his post as famous ultimate frisbee player after an injury to become a cameraman on ‘The Eric Andre Show.’


In 2018, Mia is practically an adult already and comes to newspaper to draw a couple cartoons and then talk to Oliver about bands.

In 2038, during college, Mia discovered her love for calculus, and now teaches at Lakeside. She never lets her students forget that she “could’ve been a famous artist!”


In 2018, Oliver is pretty much already a famous artist but none of us are sure why he joined newspaper because he only ever writes about music which is what he does anyway.

In 2038: After the TOFU brand collapsed Oliver recently created a partnership with Wal-Mart, and his new clothing line, SOYLENT, will be in stores soon.


In 2018, Sontai is an easygoing sophomore who runs for Cross Country, goes to marches, and makes bank at Bambinelli’s.

In 2038, Sontai-Blu Boyd now owns Bambinelli's and gets to tell Emma what to do all day.


In 2018, Olivia likes to judge everyone from the corner of the newsroom and write satire to let out her urge to roast people.

In 2038, Olivia still silent roasts everyone but does it from her job at the Onion.


In 2018, Mark is a swimmer who’s taken the Legend’s sports section up a notch and probably judges us from the other corner of the room.

In 2038, Mark has a job at ESPN (that may or may not just be errand boy) and still loves to smile and say “everything is fine” in the middle of burning buildings.


In 2018, Taibou, although being one of the staff members who (literally) didn't sign up for this, has remained one of the few who is still motivated to work every day.

In 2038, she travels the country as a public speaker, telling people the story of how she was put into newspaper without signing up for it, and still survived.


In 2018, Nick is always bursting with story ideas, but unfortunately they’re all a little weird and Mrs. Anderson never quite knows what he’s talking about.

In 2038, Nick lives in Sisimiut, Greenland, conducting research about melting ice caps. He is trying to convince people that the Black Death is going to come back, but people are still just confused.


In 2018, Roni is a hardcore fan of journalism and and underground music. If over 200 people are fans, why even listen to them anymore?

In 2038, Roni is an official band fan girl and travels the world following the Panic! At the Disco revival tour. She also owns Tumblr.

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