The Lowdown from the (Lo)Titos

On any day of the school week, Alex Lotito seems like any other English

teacher at Lakeside. But when he’s done rolling his cart through the halls, he rolls onto stage with his band, The Titos. They’re a local band of friends that have been jamming together since high school, and recently taken the band to a whole new level by playing live shows. We sat down with two of the members to discuss The Titos’ history and their future plans.

This year has been a busy one for the Titos. They recently put out their first single, “Burdens”, on Spotify (which has over 1,000 listeners). They’ve also begun touring the Carolinas and Tennessee. For Mr. Lotito, however, this isn’t his first rodeo. “I played in a lot of different bands throughout high school. Thankfully, the music scene got a lot bigger when I turned 21,” Lotito said. “As we got older there were so many more opportunities to perform and venues we could play at.” The Titos also performed on Sofar Sounds, a global music company that highlights musicians and hosts shows around the world.

The Titos have quite a unique sound. Their music is a fusion of blues and folk rock, with vibrant organ melodies, harmonious guitar riffs, and catchy lyrics we can’t stop singing along to. “I produce a lot of EDM and electronic music on the side, but we’ve always had the same sound and style as a band,” said drummer Zack Falls. The Titos recently recorded a handful of their original songs at Standard Electric Inc, a studio in Decatur. “It’s nice having an EP out that we can work with and show off, but making an album has always been on the backburner. With Zack’s studio set up, we’ll definitely be recording a lot of stuff on our own soon,” Lotito said. Having listened to their EP, “Standard Electric Sessions”, a few times now, we can say we’re quite excited for what the band is working on.

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