Avid Offers New College Readiness Course

This year 19 freshman are learning to overcome high school’s academic obstacles through AVID, a program new to Lakeside. AVID an acronym for Advancement Via Individual Determination, helps teachers inspire students to take control over their own learning and education. “We want this group of students to be trailblazers for their families but also for Lakeside and the AVID program,” said AVID teacher Lauren Levin.


What Goes on in the Socratic Seminar:Students gather in a Socratic seminar to discuss homework about similarities between Nike’s recent commercial voiced by Colin Kapernick and AVID, such as the idea of overcoming adversity.

Photo by: Oshun Tinker


The Legend wanted to see how this inquiry-based, student-centered approach differs from other classes by observing the 7th period AVID class and surveying students. “It’s different because this class is like a family. I’ll be with them for the next four years at Lakeside,” said freshman Melissa Sanchez. On the day observed, students sat in a circle discussing the Nike commercial featuring Colin Kaepernick’s voice and athletes as well as students overcoming adversity. Students talked about how the commercial related to AVID. Students described their diversity, their ethnic backgrounds, and the limitations of stereotypes.

Henderson Middle teachers and counselors recommended some students for AVID. Some students’ parents recommended they apply for AVID. To register for the course, students had to apply and interview. “I practiced what I had to say, SAT professional and dressed appropriately, “said one AVID student. Ms. Levin also described the motivation students need to stay in the program.

“Tutoring is a big part of the program, about 40 percent,” said Levin. She hopes to start the tutoring soon. Other ways students receive support include binder checks, Cornell note-taking, Socratic seminars working together to stay on top of assignments, and study skills.

A nationally recognized nonprofit program, AVID helps schools shift to a more inquiry based and student center approached learning that should increase levels of effectiveness among students. AVID currently works with 6,000 schools and has trained 70,000 educators to close the opportunity gap in college graduation rates among diverse and underrepresented groups so they prepare all students for college, careers, and life. AVID also helps teachers relate to all students no matter the different cultures and backgrounds.

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