Lakeside Changes Tardy Process

More than 400 students, arrived to school tardy during the month of August, according to a count of the month’s tardy passes. Reasons followed as late buses, parking issues, illness, or if just running behind. All students, excused or unexcused, who arrive after 8:05 a.m. must check in through the front office. Main Office Secretary Jessica Nunn, perceived that in the morning, due to numerous students entering for late passes, complications arose. “It can become very congested and difficult to help students plus incoming visitors simultaneously," Nunn said.

“I didn’t know we check in at the front office now, “ said Senior Vivian Tang. The change came as a result of the new administrative proposal by Principal Damian Bounds from a model at previous schools he has worked with. It was described as swift process that divided the specific duties between administration.

Former administrator of attendance Debra Bell said, “The new division of duties give me more time and the opportunity to focus with a smaller group of students instead of constantly having to quickly deal with over 2000 plus students.” She compared the experience, to a conveyor belt constantly moving at a fast pace, and being difficult to some degree to be responsible for so many students, but she managed it. Everyday she would sit in the cafeteria for a hour after 8:05, waiting for late students. She said that it wasted time, for more important duties that needed to be addressed.

Senior Lesly Bello has experienced the old, and new tardy procedure. “I like the new process; It's fairly quick. Last year’s leaned toward being time consuming, especially because of having to walk the extra mile to the cafeteria. My only concern about now is the overcrowding,” said Bello.

“I don’t know much about last year, but I’m sure I would definitely prefer this process,” said Marcela Andino.

After 8:05? Go to the Front Office: Students time-stamp their tardy passes before they use it as a pass to class.

photo by: Brian Codgell

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