Governor's Race at Lakeside

On November 6, voters will decide whether Brian Kemp (R) or Stacey Abrams (D) will take over the position of governor.. On September 30, Real Clear Politics polls showed that Kemp and Abrams each received 45 percent of the vote, Ted Metz (L) received two percent of the vote, while the rest of voters are undecided. On October 10, the same polls were updated, and they showed Kemp getting 47.7 percent, Abrams getting 45.7 percent, Metz getting two percent, and three percent undecided.

On the other hand, out of 103 Lakeside students polled, 40.8 percent supported Abrams, 1.9 percent supported Kemp, 30.1 percent didn’t

know who was running, 22.3 percent were undecided, and 4.9 percent supported other candidates. Both have had their fair share of controversies. Abrams has 200,000 dollars of debt while Kemp refused to step down as Georgia Secretary of State, the office that makes sure elections are run in a fair manner, while he ran for Governor

Out of the 103 Lakeside students polled, only five percent had opinions on who was running other than the Governor for the current election, for some due to a lack of feeling of control. “I don’t care, the government is corrupt” said freshman Julia Smiley. The midterm elections can gauge the popularity of a president because if people vote for candidates that are the same party as the president, it speaks to their popularity while if people vote for candidates that are the opposite party, that demonstrates that the public doesn’t support the sitting president.

If the students who took the survey were voting in a Lakeside-only election, the election would have a 7.7 percent voter turnout. The last non-runoff election in DeKalb had a 22.08 percent voter turnout while Georgia had a 4.7 percent voter turnout. The Lakeside Legend wanted to see how many students can name a person running in the midterms, visit for the video.

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