Inaction and College Applications: Thanks, Procrastination

College, the next chapter looming over most high schoolers’ lives, poses a variety of problems for the chronic procrastinator. My time at Lakeside serves to help me get into a decent college, and yet I haven’t applied, sought out teacher recommendations, nor improved my SAT score, making me late. I assume my tardiness vexes admissions offices. In my defense, other factors besides my laziness and procrastination contribute to my inaction. The prospect of college can excite and terrify, and that prospect terrifies me to the point of immobilization. Other seniors at Lakeside face similar circumstances, at least I hope.

I put off applying because it seemed distant, yet the time to apply is earlier than ever. Getting into a college seems so indistinct and unapproachable, and the choices a student has may overwhelm them, leaving them indecisive. I just couldn’t imagine myself at a college; it hadn’t become a reality. It seemed that my dream job would require a very specific school, yet I also had anxieties and requirements for the school, like the school’s proximity to home and where the dorm bathrooms are. No one can apply for you, and I realized I must take the initiative. Making excuses hurts you because competitive colleges don’t want excuses.

These ideas and lessons teach me a value of grit one must possess to succeed. To possess grit means to have a firmness of mind or spirit; to have unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger. If you can develop a grit and it shows through in who you are (particularly on college applications), you can succeed (get accepted). No one can give you a trick to get grit. You must work your way out of your comfort zone, inevitably fail, learn from your mistakes, and keep pushing forward. Don’t fear failure and don’t fear success.

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