Boys' Basketball: New Coach, New Team

When New Head Coach Clay Crump turns on the hip-hop beats at the beginning of practice, the boys’ basketball team starts dribbling, running, and passing down the court. The Lakeside Boys Basketball team practices through their weekends, for at least two hours each day. This year the three teams, Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman, welcomes a new head coach, along with four new assistant coaches. No coaches returned from last year’s staff.

Coach Crump has coached high school basketball for sixteen years and thirteen of those years have consisted of head coaching. He said he decided to transfer to Lakeside because he loves being around guys who want to compete and because Lakeside holds the title as the only Dekalb County 7A school. Coach Crump said, “I want the guys to be competitive and prepared and to do all they can to maximize the team they can be.” The team consists of about 36 players. While training, the players strive towards to their motto of the year: “Tougher, Together.” This season, Coach Crump keeps in mind the players’ goals of having a winning season and perhaps advancing past the first round.

The new coach focuses on discipline and teamwork. “A player led team is better than a coach led team,” said Coach Crump in a team huddle. “The coach is energetic and serious,” said senior Dante Cannon-Ford, the starting point guard for the Varsity team.

After a warm-up of high knees and side steps, the team works through various drills and scrimmages. “The plays are different, it’s organized so everyone can get their reps in,” said sophomore small-forward Virgil Bright for the JV team. The three teams played on November 10, with Varsity defeating Towers 51-49 and Cannon-Ford hit the winning shot. JV lost against Dunwoody, and Freshmen lost against Heritage.

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