From Student to Now: Levin's Lakeside Journey

Lauren Levin’s name rings a bell with most of Lakeside’s student body and staff.

Maybe you know her as your softball coach; perhaps you know her as the sponsor of the Student Government Association. She may have even been your student, given that she attended Henderson Middle and Lakeside High School.

After working at Henderson Middle school for two years, Ms. Levin took the opportunity to teach at Lakeside mainly because high school was one of the best experiences of her life.

As a Lakeside student, Levin played softball and held office in SGA. “I was class president my freshman, sophomore, and junior year,” said Levin. She was also president of the entire SGA her senior year. Levin now sponsors SGA and she began coaching Lakeside softball five years ago while she was still teaching at Henderson.

Levin also sponsored TEDx Youth at Lakeside in Spring 2018 and advised students organizing the National School Walkout at Lakeside the same year “It was one of the proudest days of my career… the walkout was a perfect example of Lakeside students working to make a positive [change] in the world,” said Levin. This year, Levin has made it her mission to make SGA the most diverse it has ever been and wants every type of student involved. She realized that Lakeside has changed a lot since she graduated in 2007. “We’re [Lakeside’s community] working on making Lakeside one of the best schools in DeKalb County,” said Levin. She focuses on the student body being more involved. She wants students to fall in love with Lakeside as she did as a teen. “People having pride in Lakeside again, that’s the goal,” says Levin.

After having setbacks on school ideas by students not wanting to participate Levin has stayed strong and does everything she can to please everyone. “All I want is for kids to know that they have the power to effect change in the world,” said Levin.

After asking her would she ever consider being the principal, she said “I would love to when I grow up,” said Levin.

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