Dive Into The Season with Lakeside’s Swim and Dive Captains!

Lakeside’s Swim and Dive started off with a splash on Thursday, November 8th during their first meet at Chamblee High School. The boys team beat Chamblee by 47 while the girls team lost by 47. We wanted to get to know the 13 swim and dive captains so we decided to ask them a few questions before the upcoming season kicked off. Below, the new senior captains describe their greatest swimming memories, worst swimming experiences, and best swimming advice to give to the newbies!

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Best Swimming Advice:

Sam Witcher (right)- “The best advice I can give is being a good teammate. It might sound cliché, but it really is a big thing. Being a good teammate can range from knowing your role on the team and sitting out events for the better of the team or simply cheering on your teammates. For me personally, having teammates cheer me on while I’m diving brings a whole new energy to the competition, and I definitely feed off that energy they bring. Being a good teammate may not be fun all the time, but it makes the team a closer knit unit.”

Alec Bundesmann (left)- “Put

in the work. Don’t countdown

the number of laps you have

left, make every lap count.”

Isabelle Higgins (right)-“Come to practice and do your best. Staying committed and putting in your best effort are the most important things, especially if you want to get better as a swimmer or make a good impression on the coaches.”

Lindsay Shaffer (left)-“Go to practice and show that you care. It’s easy to slack off since there’s so many people on the team but coach really appreciates it when people do their best and are enthusiastic. Also, take it seriously but be able to have fun, and make sure to include everyone because that really makes a difference.”

Campbell McMillen (right)-“For future swimmers, I would say try out for swim and even if you don’t make varsity, keep with it because swimming at Lakeside is one of the best experiences I’ve had.”

Worst Swimming Experiences:

Matthew Bigham (left)- “I was at my pool [Leslie Beach Club], it was July, we were warming up for the swim meet, and I was going to do a backstroke start where you start in the water and kick off from the side and throw you head back to streamline. I looked behind me and my friend was under water so I couldn’t see him, so right when I went back, he came up and our heads hit like really hard. I was alright though, I just had a headache for a couple days.”

Meera Morrison (right)- “Last year at tryouts I went in to swim in the morning and I guess I didn’t eat breakfast or anything like that, I just got out of bed and went to tryouts. So, after I did like a 50 (two laps in the pool, there and back), I got out of the pool and I started feeling sick. I did another 50 and then I just ran to the bathroom and I threw up. Afterwards, I didn’t tell anyone I just continued to finish the tryout.”

Kathleen Hoover (left)- “During sophomore year, I got these goggles

that were so dark I couldn’t see anything. Afternoon practices are so crowded it’s like 15 people per lane, so I was swimming and

I just could not see and people were bumping against me and

I hit my head on the wall. That day I went out and I bought

clear goggles.”

Carlyn Slappey (right)- “Worst memory would have to be the day of state at Georgia Tech when I ran straight into a pole while talking to someone.”

Greatest Swimming Memories:

Josh Cartwright (left)- “McCallie during my sophomore year was

definitely the best swimming-related experience.

Being with the team on a swimming event is super cool

because of the energy everyone has. Dropping times

and improving also feels good especially i

f you drop time after an event you’ve

maybe struggled with.”

Gavin Wheeler (right)- “Our meets are pretty exciting.

Especially being around friends; since I swim for Dynamo

it’s not as fun, but I think

Lakeside swimming is really fun

and just an overall great experience.”

Mark Rotolo (left)- “Summer headed into freshman year,

I set a national age record swimming butterfly in

the 4 by 100 meter medley relay with a time 4:02.56.”

Kate Buxton (right)- “Best experience would have to be

dropping two minutes in the mile and 20

seconds in the 500 free. Also just cheering

on my friends for their swim events is so much fun!”

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